Division and Classification Essays

Division and Classification Essays

Division and Classification Essays

Classification and Division essays are usually assigned in first-year of college. Technically speaking, Classification is the process of sorting different elements into general categories, while division is a process that divides general elements into more specific categories. The aim behind classification and division essays is to tell the reader about something, additionally, these essays can also try to convince or encourage the reader to understand or do something. When writing the Division and Classification section of the essay, we should realize that the division section of the essay is a slightly different from the classification section, although they are both equally important. The division portion of the essay is used to evaluate how one big topic or assignment can be broken down into different smaller parts. While the classification section takes those smaller items and puts them into various categories.

Since students are asked to “categorize” the smaller parts from the larger topic they broke down, students also need to choose how they will classify the smaller parts or elements. Sequentially, for students to do this, they will need to decide the priority of the elements according to the importance, with respect to the subject, the relationship between the elements, and how they affect the larger subject.

When students are determining the categories for their division and classification essays, they should not think of them as a right or wrong answer. The concept behind the division and classification essay is to help and evaluate students about how different elements or items are related. As long as the students have been able to identify and categorize the elements on the basis of a relationship, which makes sense, can be accepted as the correct answer. Students should remember, however, that the idea behind the division and classifying essays is to use smaller portions to help understand the greater and bigger topic; as a result, the categories that students come up with should be easily refer to the larger topic.


Once students start to write the essay, they should plan their essay’s structure and create the outline for the major points they wish to cover. Using their outline, students can then come up with a draft by filling in the details. After the draft is completed, have review of the divisions and classifications, it is very important to make sure that the flow is logical and there are no grammatical or punctuation errors.


Like every other college essay, you begin a Division and Classification essay with an introduction. The introduction should be strong and is able to grab a reader’s attention quickly. The introduction should explain exactly what the student wishes to explain and what the larger concept he wishes to shorten is.


Ideally in the body, students should write at least one paragraph per category he had developed during the brain storming and drafting session when breaking the larger concept down into smaller pieces. The student should then describe each category and the individual elements within that category. Additionally, each of the paragraphs should provide an explanation of how the smaller building blocks build the “big picture.”


This is the main part of the essay, how you decide to conclude the essay. Conclusions should not be too lengthy; students should try to keep it to one or two paragraphs, at the most. Students should once again state the aim of the classification and division essay, although it needs to be paraphrased. One way to conclude such an essay, is to leave the reader to pounder over a question related to the topic or to leave it to the reader to fill in the final building blocks to the big picture.